Scholarships - due March 31

Scholarships - due March 31 SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION TIP: We've received a few applications that are incomplete. One of the most common oversights is that we require the applicant to provide the original application packet PLUS an additional 2 copies of it. Don't forget your copies!

In 2015 The Luling Foundation awarded 10 scholarships, which totaled $16,000. In each of the Foundation's three primary service counties - Caldwell, Gonzales, and Guadalupe - two students per county were selected. One received the healthcare scholarship, worth $2000, and the other received the Agriculture scholarship, worth $2000. Finally, a seventh student was given the Grainger Weston Ag Scholarship (for Marion High School students only), worth $1000.

In 2013 the Trade/Vocational Scholarship was added, worth $1000 per service county.

NEW - (Applicants from Luling High School): The Vernon & Shirley Engelke Agriculture Scholarship was established December 2014 by the family of Vernon & Shirley Engelke to honor them for their dedication to agriculture and support of education. The scholarship is to be awarded to a student that plans to pursue a degree/certification in the field of agriculture.Read Application for more details.

The following is not directly affiliated with The Luling Foundation, but we would like to share another scholarship opportunity for a local non-profit organization, Caldwell County Go Texan, Inc., that has given out $289,400 in scholarships since 2012. They offer scholarships for College and Trade Schools and applicants must attend a public high school in Caldwell County. Read more by Downloading the 2019 Application.